Kotak - Long Live Kotak

Surendran Munusamy | December 23, 2020 |03:18 |3.02 MB

Long Live Kotak

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Download Kotak - Long Live Kotak MP3 Gratis
  • Judul: Kotak - Long Live Kotak
  • Kategori: Kotak
  • Judul Youtube: Long Live Kotak
  • Video oleh: Kotak
  • Waktu putar: 03:18
  • Ukuran: 3.02 MB
  • Audio: 44,1 kHz, Stereo, 128 kb/s, MP3
  • Rilis: December 23, 2020
Provided to YouTube by WM Indonesia

Long Live Kotak · Kotak

Long Live Kotak

℗ 2016 Warner Music Indonesia

Composer, Lyricist: Cella

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Kotak - Long Live Kotak Lirik


Hey. What's wrong?

Come quick, some losers wanna fight us

Oh, not again. I'll go get my gun


You must be loco to mess with us
Don't you know we're dangerous?
We'll kill you. We'll kill you

It's on now, the fight's beginning
One punch in and we're already winning

Guy Number One, the ape-shit killer
After you're dead I drink an ice cold Miller

Out on parole and I'm looking to score
I'm Guy Number Two, I'll take your whore

AK's, Uzis, nines and glocks
One pierced ear and ankle socks

If you see us on the street

You can bet we're high

We wear sunglasses

For bloodshot eyes

Each jerk we kill, our hearts grows colder
I could shoot all day, doesn't hurt my shoulder

I drive all the time, it's no big deal
Open the door, and get behind the wheel

I only hang with felons, killers and thugs
You're still a cunt Steve, go fuck your snake

You must be loco to mess with us
Don't you know we're dangerous?
We'll kill you. We'll kill you

Our thirst for blood is never enough
Is there a heaven for gangsters like us?

Hey Guy Number One?

Yeah, Guy Number Two?

I'm just doing me

I'm doing you too

I only date girls who have been around
I know what they like, I'll go down town

We play dominoes, but call them bones

And wear cool hats, like Al Capone

Who cares about the pigs, we can pay the bail
You're just a loser, you'd get raped in jail

We're just two guys

Who have a death wish

Screw trial by twelve, we'll be carried by six

You must be loco to mess with us
Don't you know we're dangerous?
We'll kill you. We'll kill you

Ain't no such thing as half-way crooks
You're scared of death, you're scared to look, you're shook

Kotak - Long Live Kotak Video [03:18]

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